Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lessons from a Lost Diamond

I am posting this in part now, because the lessons are not over. With the help of a wise woman I have realized that through the loss of my diamond in my wedding ring, I have learned valuable lessons. I'll begin listing them today and add to it as God does.

1. Lesson 1 - My first reaction is still faith. Thank God. Sometimes I am afraid that when trials come I will react in the flesh and not by faith. When I first looked down and saw my poor little prongs bent over with a gaping hole in the center, I said "oh no." Although I was concerned, I immediately said that God would show me where it was. FAITH!

2. Lesson 2 - I went to my official prayer closet, which happens to be my closet! This is the only place that I can hide in and no one can find me when the light is out. I have learned that they don't look for me if no light shines from under the door. While I prayed, God gave me a vision. He still does that. Isn't it cool? No, I didn't find it yet, but I am sure I will understand the vision when I do. What I did learn from this is that God is so gracious to answer us when we ask.

3. Lesson 3 - The next day I swept my entire house and looked through the dust pan. Gross! I really worked hard even though I had a terrible cold. While I was sweeping, I remembered the parable of the lost coin that we had just studied. I felt like that woman. I also heard God asking me, " Have you searched for me this hard?" Tears...

4. Lesson 4 - This week I have been trying to decide what to do to fill the hole in my ring. I have spent hours visiting jewelers and searching the internet for a good deal. I don't have peace about any of it yet. Today's lesson came from our church meeting today. Jesus said to not give up, keep asking... I am asking God to use this diamond loss to give him glory and refine me. God's not done with me yet.

5. Lesson 5 - God may use someone else to bring Him glory. Casey had a dream last night that we found the diamond! Side note: If you know me at all, you know it is not about the diamond but the special memories with it. If the stone had been a rhinestone, I would still be searching just as persistently.

6. Lesson 6 - I haven't been thinking much about this. I know that God heard my prayer and has already taught me so much. Like other things that I have prayed for and have not seen the answer, I still know that He loves me. A sparrow does not fall to the ground apart from the Father's will. And He knows us so well that he has numbered each hair on our head! (Matthew 10:29) Having this knowledge, I trust Him in all things, including the end of this story.

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The Alfords said...

Christy what a great life lesson. God is so faithful to use our every day walk to encourage, rebuke, correct, or teach us something. I look forward to hearing the conclusion to this lesson. It has ministered to me. I am with you in that when you cleaned and cleaned that day with such perseverance and Him asking if you search for HIM this hard. Wow! Thanks for sharing with all of us. Love you!